Green Key

Hotel van Walsum and a conscious management     

Hotel van Walsum is committed to quality of life and environmental awareness. We do our utmost to achieve sustainable business operations within the possibilities of our classic Rotterdam city building. For example, we make frequent use of organic products. Our modern coffee machine serves fair trade coffee from the Rotterdam coffee roaster Santas.

As a company, we are looking for the right balance between economical energy consumption and practical management, in which the interests of our guests must of course remain paramount! At Hotel van Walsum we take the following into account:

Energy efficiency          

-We obtain some of our energy from our own solar collectors, which provide hot water.
-We work with an energy company that supplies us with green electricity.                                                        
-We use as many energy saving devices and products as possible, including energy saving light bulbs, LED lighting and an energy saving lift.       -Our staff are made aware of unnecessary energy consumption


Sustainable procurement means that we take into account the social and environmental aspects of the products and services we purchase. A good example of this is the fair trade products we have in our breakfast buffet. Another example is the EU certified ECO soap and shampoo from dispensers in the bathrooms.


In order to ensure that our policy is consistently applied throughout the organisation, Hotel van Walsum is in the process of implementing the measures required within the framework of the Green Key eco-label.  This is not an end in itself, but an intermediate step on the way to an even more sustainable hotel where it is pleasant for everyone to stay.

We are open to your suggestions and innovative solutions.