Hotel van Walsum is the first hotel in the Netherlands to accept Bitcoins.

Both in advance and on the spot you can pay with Bitcoins for your stays and drinks at Hotel van Walsum Rotterdam. Bitcoin is a virtual cash money that exists only in digital form on the Internet. Bitcoin is not issued by a country or bank, anyone can join. Using a PC, laptop or smart phone. Bitcoin has been around since January 3rd 2009 and since then has shown tremendous success.

The advantages that Hotel van Walsum sees to pay with Bitcoins are that it costs almost nothing, is super fast, as anonymous as you want, just as easily as you send an email without going through a bank or other entity. Also, it is an additional service for our guests so there is a freedom of choice to decide how to pay themselves.

The free open source software is free for all users. The Bitcoin is revolutionary because the money used for the first time in modern times by all people of the world in a safe manner and may be necessary without interference from government or other agencies managed.


More information about the Bitcoin: